There’s been a whole load of YouTube drama after Leafy made some pretty big claims about Keemstar and Hila Klein – here are all the details.

Keemstar is usually the one explaining everyone else’s drama, and his Drama Alert YouTube channel has accumulated a huge 5.6 million followers. However, this week he’s the one that’s actually involved in the drama, and it’s pretty juicy.

Popular YouTuber LeafyIsHere has come out and made some big allegations about Keemstar and h3h3’s Hila Klein, but Keemstar has denied all the rumours on Twitter.

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Leafy claims Keemstar slept with Hila Klein

LeafyIsHere took to Twitter yesterday to claim that Keemstar has slept with Hila Klein, who runs the YouTube channel h3h3Productions with her husband Ethan Klein.

He posted a series of tweets that claimed that Keemstar had cheated with Ethan Klein’s wife, even going as far as to say that he may be the father of their baby.

Leafy claimed that he has an audio file where Keemstar admits that he slept with Hila and said: “This is not a joke – Keemstar just told me he slept with Ethan Klein’s wife.”

He also claimed to have had a Skype call with Keemstar where he begged him to delete the post. However Leafy didn’t delete the post, and instead continued to post more rumours allegedly exposing Keemstar.

Leafy then revealed that both Ethan and Keemstar had blocked him on Twitter.

Keemstar denies the allegations on Twitter

Daniel Keem, better know as Keemstar online, took to Twitter to deny all of the allegations in a series of tweets.

He first said: “I did NOT have any sexual relations with Hila Klein!”

Then he continued: “Please STOP!!!!!!”

And finally: “I am NOT the father of Hila & Ethans Kid! Please stop these rumors you guys will get me in trouble with”

Hila and Ethan Klein have not yet responded to the rumours.

Are the rumours real?

Many fans have taken to Twitter to reveal that they think the rumours are all fake, and some even claim that the whole thing was a publicity stunt.

Over the past few months Keemstar and Leafy seemed to be getting on pretty well, whereas Keemstar and Ethan Klein have been feuding for a very long time.

Therefore it would make sense that Keemstar and Leafy teamed up to get back at Ethan. However, this is just a theory and there isn’t currently any evidence to support it.