TikTok user @geminiofficial has made a series of apology videos following allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a minor.

@geminiofficial has been under fire on social media over the past few weeks after the allegations went viral, and people began to ‘cancel’ the TikTok star.

The Gemini has now outlined his side of the story in a series of now-deleted apology videos, responding to the allegations.

Who is Gemini Official?

@geminiofficial is a TikTok user with 3.5 million followers and 119 million likes on the social media app.

The 20-year-old from the United States is popular for his comedy videos and before his TikTok fame he studied Theatre and Acting in Louisiana.

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He doesn’t go by his real name on TikTok and is instead known as The Gemini.

Gemini Official apologises following allegations

The TikTok user has gone viral on social media this week after he made a series of apology videos in response to allegations that he had been conversing with a 15-year-old girl.

He said:

“I am sorry to (the victim) and her family, and to any other creators or people who have been affected by the situation. I never meant for any of this to happen. But I made it worse by not going about it in the correct way, and I ended up victimising and manipulating my audience.”

The Gemini explained the situation from his point of view, claiming that he didn’t know the girl was only 15 when he “paid for her Uber”. He also apologised as he “still kept talking to her” after realising her age.

He said: “I’m gonna make a series of videos just explaining, owning up and taking accountability.”

The Gemini claimed that he kept her information in his phone so that she could easily contact him if she decided to take legal action over the situation.

“I never forced this girl to do anything and I never manipulated her or built a relationship with her at all,” he said.

Many social media users began arguing that The Gemini should be banned from TikTok following the allegations, and he has put his profile to private after posting the apology videos.

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