Fans are confused after a bizarre video got posted onto FaZe Banks’ Snapchat – did he get hacked? The YouTuber said he did, but people don’t believe him.

As one of the original FaZe Clan members, FaZe Banks is certainly well-loved on social media. So when a strange video got posted onto his Snapchat, fans were quick to suspect that something was wrong.

The YouTuber took to Snapchat to explain that he was hacked, but some fans aren’t buying the excuse after claiming you can see his hands in the video. Did FaZe Banks really get hacked?

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Bizarre video gets posted onto FaZe Banks’ Snapchat

Snapchat isn’t the most popular way of interacting with people anymore, as other apps like Instagram and TikTok have become far more popular. But there are still some people that have stayed loyal to the yellow ghost, and one of them is FaZe Banks.

The FaZe Clan founder often uploads videos to his Snapchat story which can be viewed by all of his fans, but yesterday (October 6th) he seemed to have posted one that was a little inappropriate.

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The video in question showed a man inhaling what looked to be nitrous oxide, a substance often known as laughing gas that produces a rush of euphoria, or a ‘high’ when inhaled.

Many fans instantly thought the video seemed a little bit odd, and wondered if the YouTuber had been hacked.

Was FaZe Banks hacked?

Lots of FaZe Banks’ followers instantly began wondering whether he had been hacked, unsure who the person in the video actually was.

Some people thought it was a random person, adding to the idea that his account had been hacked. However, others were sure that they could see FaZe Banks’s hands in the video, arguing that you could clearly see his tattoos and that his voice also sounded the same.

Fans report that FaZe Banks took to Snapchat following the video and argued that his account had been hacked. However, all the Snapchat videos have now been deleted and many fans don’t believe his excuse.

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FaZe Banks gets backlash on Twitter

Whilst some fans were adamant that FaZe Banks was hacked, others believed that he was the one who posted the video, and he got a lot of backlash on Twitter for it.

One Twitter user said: “I’m confused is this something that you are proud to promote? Yikes bud.”

“Dude it was him! You can see his tats on his hand are the same as his.. and his little laugh at the end sounds just like him. He’s being super shady,” said another.

Another person said: “He tried claiming on his story that he was hacked.”