Any pilot who wants to stay alive in Star Wars Squadrons needs to know how to drift. If there’s an enemy fighter on your tail, or if you need to maneuvre through a few tight turns, this is an essential part of piloting an X-Wing or TIE Fighter.

Star Wars Squadrons endeavours to deliver an authentic starfighter experience, and as such, provides a first-person view of the inside of a fighter, along with its dashboard, without a lot of additional clutter.

The only problem is, Star Wars Squadrons doesn’t do a fantastic job of explaining the drift mechanic in its tutorial mission. What’s more because the game’s HUD is a series of flashing lights on your fighter’s cockpit, it can be hard to understand what it’s trying to tell you when boosting and drifting.

How to drift in Star Wars Squadrons

To drift in Star Wars Squadrons, put your engines at full power, press the Boost button, then release it, turn quickly, and then boost again. In the split second when you are not boosting, your starfighter will be able to turn a lot more sharply than usual.

The controls for your starfighter, and how you activate the boost, will differ depending on which control set-up you’re using. As a default, transfering power to the engines is done by pressing left on a controller’s D-pad, by pressing 1 on keyboard, or by turning POV West if using a HOTAS.

Then, to boost, press the left thumbstick if on a controller, press the space bar if on keyboard, or by pressing JOY 9 if on a HOTAS flight stick. Release the button, turn your craft, then press it again for a quick boost of speed after a tight turn.

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Best Star Wars Squadrons Loadouts for Boosting

To really get the most out of your starfighter in Star Wars Squadrons, you’ll want to customise your loadout – especially if you want to make the most of your drift and boost abilities.

Gfinity recommends the following loadout for anyone looking for a zippy, agile craft that can outrun and outflank opponents:

  • Primary weapon: Burst cannon
  • Left auxiliary: Repair droid
  • Right auxiliary: Concussion missile
  • Countermeasures: Seeker warheads
  • Hull: Reinforced hull
  • Shields: Conversion shield
  • Engine: Propulsion engine

This is just one possible way to customise your ship. It’s worth experimenting to find the right balance for how you like to play Star Wars Squadrons, in order to get the best use out of your drift ability.

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