Lynx Africa is a staple scent in the UK, and has been around since the 1980s but is still as popular today, and is often seen lining shop shelves around Christmas time.

Their 2020 advert has made waves across the UK due to the star studded cast as well as the interesting concept.

However, many people have been asking about the song used in the advert, and have been searching far and wide for the song.

What is the song in the Lynx Africa advert 2020?

The song in the 2020 Lynx Africa advert is called Boom Shack a Lak by singer Apache Indian.

Boom Shack a Lak was released in 1994 which fits with the theme of the video. The advert begins in 1995 and follows a boy chasing a can of Lynx Africa throughout the years.

The advert is called Hot Since ’95 and has over 150 thousand views on YouTube.

AJ Tracey stars in Lynx Africa advert

The Lynx Africa 2020 advert features some famous faces, including rapper Aj Tracey and sportsman Anthony Joshua.

Anthony is shown as a bobble head on the dashboard of a car shown in the advert, and he is of course equipped with his famous boxing gloves.

AJ Tracey is also in the Lynx advert, and he plays the role of a bus driver!

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