Memes have become the language of the internet, and unless you have been living under a rock you will be familiar with many of the most popular memes.

A meme is just a photograph captioned with some text underneath, and are mostly used for comical purposes and often involve pop culture references.

The latest meme to gather popularity is the 10-4 meme, and that is because today is October 4th, however it has another meaning.

What does the 10-4 meme mean?

The 10- 4 meme tends to be popular all year round and is often referenced in popular culture such as television and films.

However, when October rolls around the 10- 4 meme is often re circulated around the internet, especially on 4th October.

10/4 is October 4th, but according to Urban Dictionary that is not the origin of the meme.

Many entries on Urban Dictionary explain that “10- 4” is a phrase used to mean “understood” or to acknowledge a statement.

Five best 10-4 memes

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