Social media users are sharing memes with a bizarre word in relation to Trump testing positive for Covid. What does ‘schadenfreude’ mean?

It’s been a day since the announcement was made that President Donald Trump and his wife Melania have tested positive for the coronavirus, and the internet has been flooded with loads of hilarious memes.

It doesn’t look like they’re stopping any time soon either, as the latest meme to go viral is the Schadenfreude Meme, and here’s exactly what it is.

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What does ‘Schadenfreude’ mean?

Over the past day, lots of social media users have been using a really bizarre word in their posts – but what does ‘schadenfreude’ actually mean?

The definition of the long, complicated word is actually a lot simpler than you’d expect, meaning the feeling of pleasure as a result of someone else’s misfortune.

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Any kind of joy, humour or self-satisfaction that is caused by someone else’s troubles or failures can be described as schadenfreude.

People use the word in relation to Donald Trump having Covid

There’s one specific reason why the word has been used recently, and that is due to Donald Trump testing positive for Covid-19.

The news of the President contracting the virus was announced yesterday after one of his senior advisors Hope Hicks tested positive. The pair had been travelling together earlier this week on the Air Force One, which is a plane dedicated to presidential travel.

Many people have found humour in the President catching the virus, especially after he argued that the whole pandemic was a hoax – a feeling which can be described with the word schadenfreude.

Searches for ‘schadenfreude’ increase. by 30,500% on October 2nd

According to America’s biggest online dictionary Merriam-Webster, the number of people searching the word ‘schadenfreude’ increased by a huge 30,500% on October 2nd.

This comes right after the announcement that President Trump tested positive for Covid-19, and coincides with the huge numbers of times the word was being used on social media.

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