Claudia Conway has taken to TikTok to rant about her mother, revealing to the world that Kellyanne tested positive for Covid.

Being the daughter of a Trump counsellor certainly hasn’t stopped Claudia Conway from expressing her anti-Trump views, and the teen often goes viral on her TikTok account for her controversial opinions.

Now, she’s gone viral yet again after she announced to the world that her mother had tested positive for Covid, and it’s safe to say she wasn’t very happy about it.

Fans have been reacting to Claudia’s TikTok rant on Twitter, and she’s gained a whole load of supporters after she ranted about her mother for refusing to wear a mask.

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Who is Claudia Conway?

Claudia Conway is the daughter of Kellyanne Conway, an American political consultant who served as Donald Trump’s campaign manager, then becoming counsellor to the President in the Trump administration from 2017 to 2020.

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Kellyanne’s daughter, despite being only 15, is known to be pretty outspoken, and has become pretty well known for her 900,000 follower TikTok account on which she often expresses her opinions.

She has been known to openly speak about her anti-Trump views despite living in Washington D.C. with her mother, and consistently goes viral on social media for doing so.

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Claudia Conway reveals her mother has Covid on TikTok

On October 2nd, Claudia took to TikTok to discuss some pretty important issues, and also reveal some big information about her family.

Claudia uploaded a video that said “update my mom has Covid”, which has gained 2 million views in just six hours. At the time she posted the video, nobody knew about Kellyanne’s positive result, and her daughter essentially revealed the information to the world.

Kellyanne then took to Twitter to confirm the news: “Tonight I tested positive for COVID-19. My symptoms are mild (light cough) and I’m feeling fine. I have begun a quarantine process in consultation with physicians.”

Claudia also posted another controversial video, which has since been deleted, that blames her mother for not wanting to wear a mask and in turn infecting her whole family with Covid.

She then continued to post a series of videos discussing the way she consistently goes viral in the media, and also tells others to go out and vote in November’s election.


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Fans react to the videos on Twitter

Following Claudia Conway’s series of viral videos, many people have been taking to Twitter to comment on them, and it’s safe to say she has a lot of fans.

One Twitter user said: “Honestly, Claudia Conway’s book is the ONLY book I want to read.”

“Claudia Conway doing what a lot of white liberals haven’t done with their own family,” said another.

Others were shocked by her honesty, with Claudia telling her followers that her mum was “coughing all around the house”.

Another said: “Sending love and strength to @claudiamconwayy. She deserves better. This isn’t right.”

Claudia Conway certainly holds very different political views to her parents, and her outspoken videos have gained a lot of supporters online.

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