Fans started speculating that Bryce Hall was dating Tessa Brooks after they were spotted getting pretty close, but both of them have denied it.

It’s pretty difficult to keep up with Bryce Hall’s love life. One minute he’s dating Addison Rae again, then he’s spotted with Lana Rhoades and now it’s Tessa Brooks!

As soon as the TikTok star is seen out with a girl, fans are very quick to assume that he’s dating. But this time the speculation was all wrong, and both Bryce and Tessa have denied dating rumours in a YouTube video.

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Fans started speculating that Bryce Hall was dating Tessa Brooks

Speculation that Bryce Hall and Tessa Brooks were dating began when he was spited hanging out with the YouTuber recently.

The pair were grabbing a bite to eat at Saddle Ranch in LA, and were captured by the Hollywood Fix getting pretty close. Bryce appears to have his arm around her, and at one point it even seems like they almost kiss.

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Fans instantly starting assuming things, and the pair were instantly romantically linked.

Bryce and Tessa deny that they’re dating

Bryce then uploaded a video to his YouTube channel a few days later that shut down the speculation once and for all.

The video, titled “are we dating?”, starts out like a normal vlog. But at the end, Bryce sits down with Tessa and addresses the paparazzi video.

They watch back the video and react to it live, and Tessa says “I didn’t mean to look at him that way” before they agree “we’re just bros”.

Who is Tessa Brooks?

Tessa Brooks is a dancer, model and actress who has gained internet fame for her 3.5 million follower YouTube channel.

The 21-year-old from California is popular for her fashion, beauty and vlog content.

She also has 9.5 million followers on Instagram and 3.3 million on TikTok.

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