Adopt Me is a popular game and lots of people have lately been wondering why trading has been disabled. But, away from the disabling of trading, lots of other people have been asking: when is the Fossil Egg coming to Adopt Me? Here you’ll discover the Dino Egg release date coupled with the release time for the upcoming Fossil Isle event.

Dubbed the most popular game you’ve never played, Adopt Me is a social title which has seen updates such as a circus including monkeys at the fairground.

While trips to the fairground with monkeys has happened in the past, below you’ll discover the release date for when the Fossil and Dino Egg is coming to the Isle event.

Dino Egg release date for Adopt Me

The Dino and Fossil Egg release date for Adopt Me is October 10th.

Once the Fossil Egg arrives at the aforementioned release date, players will be able to hatch and get certain Dino creatures such as a Tyrannosaurs Rex.

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There will also likely be other creatures such as the Pterodactyl which appears to have been teased by the game’s official Twitter account.

Release time for Fossil Isle event in Adopt Me

The release time for the Fossil Isle event in Adopt Me is 18:00 BST on October 2nd.

This means the release time for the Fossil Isle event in Adopt Me should also be 10:00 PDT and 13:00 ET on the same day.

Although the event begins today, remember that Eggs will not be added until the 10th at the same aforementioned hours.

All of the above has been confirmed by the developers.

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