Towanda Braxton’s family were shocked this week to find out that she had got engaged without telling them, but who to?

The Braxton sister recently got secretly engaged, and she didn’t tell anyone apart from one interviewer for Lions Share News as she was walking out of LAX airport.

Days later in the same airport, that exact same interviewer spoke to her mother Evelyn, and he spilled the beans on the whole engagement, not realising that Towanda hadn’t actually told her mother.

But who did Towanda Braxton actually get engaged to?

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Who is Towanda Braxton?

Towanda Braxton is one of five members of the music group The Braxtons, who she performs in alongside her sisters Traci, Trina, Tamar and Toni.

Whilst growing up in Maryland, the sisters formed the group and signed their first record deal with Arista Records in 1989. They then brought out their first single, ‘Good Life’, which was actually the only single they ever released as a group.

In 1991, Toni Braxton was signed by LaFace records as a solo artist. The other sisters then became backup singers for Toni’s first tour and Tamar, Trina and Towanda later released an album as a trio.

In January 2011, all five sisters were signed by We TV for a reality series called Braxton Family Values which continued until 2019.

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Towanda got engaged without telling her family

Towanda shocked her family this week when her mother and sister found out that she was engaged from an interviewer.

TMZ report that Towanda’s mother Evelyn and sister Trina were at LAX airport on Wednesday when they found out that Towanda got engaged.

The interviewer had seen Towanda and Sean earlier in the week where they told him the news of their engagement. Then he accidentally spilled the beans to her mother, not realising that Towanda hadn’t told her the news.

Watch Towanda’s mother’s priceless reaction here.

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Who did Towanda Braxton get engaged to?

Towanda got engaged to her boyfriend Sean Hall, who is a family friend and music producer. He is also the cousin of producer Chirstopher “Tricky” Stewart.

She first revealed Sean on an episode of Braxton’s Family Values after her sister Tamar Braxton figured out that she had a mystery boyfriend.

Since then, Towanda has often featured Sean on her Instagram, and just last week she posted a loving caption to celebrate their anniversary in which she reminisced the time their paths first crossed 28+ years ago.

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