The Legendary Bird Moltres has arrived in five star raids in Pokémon Go – from 1pm on Friday, October 2nd to 1pm the following Friday October 9th, the Flying/Fire-type Pokémon will be available to battle and capture. To increase your chances of winning, it’s important to use the right counters.

Moltres was originally introduced in Pokémon Red and Blue on the Nintendo Gameboy. Its original home was the caverns of Victory Road on the way to the Elite Four, but in the years since, it’s been found at the top of volcanoes, roaming the countryside, and in Pokémon Go, atop various gyms.

As with the rest of the Legendary Birds, capturing Moltres is no easy feat, as it first involves teaming up with friends in a raid battle to bring the fiery Pokémon down to Earth. It’s essential to use the right counters to be able to capture Moltres.

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How to catch Moltres in Pokémon Go

To catch Moltres in Pokémon Go raid battles, first weaken it with Rock type moves. Moltres has a 4x weakness to Rock – although it also has a 2x weakness to Water and Electric if you have a stronger Pokémon that knows moves of these types.

Because of its weakness to Rock, Moltres will be an easier raid than Zapdos. If you’ve noticed a lot of Rhyhorns appearing in your neck of the woods lately and you happen to have a Sinnoh Stone from the recent Porygon Community Day, it may be worth evolving a Rhyperior to crack Moltres’ defense.

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Bear in mind, though, that as with the other Legendary Birds, while Moltres is weak to Rock, it has a strong defense against Ground type moves. You’ll need to plan accordingly and make sure you’re using the right types of moves.

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Best counters for Moltres raids

According to Pokémon Go Hub, the absolute best counters in the game for Moltres are:

  • Rampardos
  • Rhyperior
  • Terrakion
  • Landorus (Therian)
  • Tyranitar

Bear in mind that these are only going to be effective if they know Rock-type moves. Moltres is a tough Pokémon to beat unless you’re using moves that it’s particularly weak to.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that while these are the strongest counters in the game, they’re not your only options. Any strong Pokémon with Rock, Water, or Electric moves will be able to beat Moltres if you team up with enough friends.

Take down the Legendary Bird in a raid, and you’ll have the chance to try to capture it. This is the easy part, but Moltres still won’t be caught without a fight, so make sure you have plenty of Pokéballs and berries to make the job easier.

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