October 1st memes have flooded social media as Green Day fans take over Twitter to celebrate Wake Me up When September Ends.

The month of October always signals that autumn (or fall) is well and truly here for those in the Northern Hemisphere.

It’s also the time of year when spooky happenings start to occur as Halloween draws ever closer.

Meanwhile, fans of a certain band become unusually active as September becomes October and the same can be said once again in 2020 as a whole host of memes have flooded social media.

The band in question is, of course, Green Day, and their fans have wasted no time in letting the world know that September has ended.

But just what is the deal with the memes posted on October 1st?

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October 1st memes flood social media

The internet is always full of weird and wonderful trends and when October arrives each year there are two distinct groups of people seen on social media.

Those who are excited for Halloween, who post memes of pumpkins, skeletons and all things spooky.

And there are also Green Day fans who take to social media to remind everyone and Billie Joe Armstrong especially, that September has come to an end and that it’s time for Green Day’s lead singer to wake up at last.

Where the Green Day memes come from

The Green Day memes that make their way onto social media each year are the result of the song Wake Me up When September Ends.

The song featured on 2004’s American Idiot album and has been a firm fan-favourite ever since with over 350 million listens on Spotify.

As you can probably tell, the song prominently features the lyrics “Wake me up when September ends” and it’s a line of the song that fans have truly taken to heart.

Each year, fans take to social media with comments, images and memes of the song and quite often flood Billie Joe Armstrong’s social media with comments telling him to wake up.

In 2020, however, Green Day’s lead singer has taken the month of September to campaign for Joe Biden in this year’s election.

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The best Green Day October 1st memes

Social media never disappoints when it comes to creating the best Green Day October 1st memes and in 2020, that is no different.

Here are some of the best we’ve found on Twitter:

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