A paparazzi video caused speculation after it showed Bryce Hall getting close to Lana Rhodes, but they’ve both denied that anything happened.

Bryce Hall and Lana Rhodes have been under fire after social media users started claiming that she had cheated on her boyfriend Mike Majlak with him.

However, the drama has since been resolved after Mike gave Bryce a pretty stern warning via text.

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Who are Lana Rhoades and Mike Majlak?

Mike Majlak is a marketing manager who is known for his affiliation to Logan Paul. The pair met in 2014 when Majlak enlisted Paul to help him further promote one of his brands, and the two soon became good friends.

Lana Rhoades, whose real name is actually Amara Maple, is an adult film actress and model. The 24-year-old from Chicago, Illinois appeared in the 2017 movie Lana, and has also modelled for Playboy.

The pair also both have popular YouTube channels, and they started dating earlier this year after Logan Paul introduced them to each other.

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Bryce Hall spotted getting close to Lana in Hollywood Fix video

Drama between Lana and Mike began when TikTok star Bryce Hall was spotted getting close to Lana in paparazzi photos yesterday (September 30th).

Popular Paparazzi YouTuber The Hollywood Fix captured Bryce and Lana together, and fans got suspicious when they saw Bryce getting a bit too close as he touched her hair.

People instantly started speculating that Bryce and Lana were hooking up, and rumours emerged that Lana and Mike may have broken up.

Bryce denies hooking up with Lana

However, Bryce and Lana later took to Twitter to reveal the truth about the situation, both denying that anything had happened between them.

Bryce tweeted: “People are saying i got w lana ahhahaha wtf mike and lana are the literally homies and nothin more cmon. y’all need to get some hobbiesssss.”

Then Lana also took to Twitter to deny that she had cheated on Mike with Bryce.

She tweeted: “I ran into Bryce at a restaurant, he bought drinks for my whole table of girls & invited us out on some friend sh*t. Period. My girls and I had plans already so we went somewhere else. Idk how this is even a thing.”

Mike Majlak gives Bryce a warning

After Mike Majlak saw the video where Bryce was getting close to Lana, he tweeted a screenshot of some friendly texts he had sent to Bryce, telling him to “watch your f***ing hands” and “show a little more respect”.

Bryce then apologised to Mike, arguing that he was drunk and getting touchy, but he was in no way trying to flirt with his girlfriend, saying “I respect you and it won’t happen again”.

Mike Majlak then cleared up all the rumours in a now-deleted Twitter post which said:

“Generally don’t respond to this toxic garbage but since it looks like this one isn’t going away: drunk Bryce was being drunk Bryce. Him and I spoke and it’s dead.”

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