Animal Crossing New Horizon’s Fall Update has arrived, and with it comes Pumpkins and Halloween. Planting and growing pumpkins might be a bit of a frustrating process, but it’s worth it to be able to craft wonderful Halloween DIY furniture.

As the seasons begin to change, Animal Crossing players on the Western hemisphere will have the chance to enjoy new plants and insects that haven’t yet appeared in the game.

Halloween has always been a big part of the Animal Crossing calendar, and some of the furniture that can be crafted during the holiday’s window are going to be highly sought-after.

How to get Pumpkins in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

To get Pumpkins in Animal Crossing, you’ll need to talk to Leif to purchase Pumpkin Starts which can be planted in the ground and harvested three days later.

Pumpkin Starts cost 140 Bells each from Leif (they can also be bought for 280 Bells from Tom Nook’s store). They work similar to flowers in that they will regrow endlessly when they are picked so long as you water them regularly. Small Pumpkin Sprouts shimmer when they’ve been watered to let you know that they’re healthy.

After three full days in the ground, you or a friend can pick Pumpkins off the vine, and you can use them to craft special Halloween furniture – if you can track down the recipes.

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How to craft Spooky furniture in New Horizons

To craft Spooky furniture during October in Animal Crossing, you’ll need pumpkins, but also additional resources, and, importantly, recipes.

Some recipes can only be obtained on Halloween – Spooky Garland and Spooky Table Setting can be acquired by giving candy to villagers on your island, while the recipe for Spooky Carriage and Spooky Wand can be gained by talking to Jack on All Hallow’s Eve.

Other recipes will be available through traditional means: floating in present balloons, hidden in bottles at the beach, or gifted from villagers. Bear in mind that many Spooky items will be on sale in Nook’s Cranny all through October; you only need a recipe if you want to craft something using pumpkins at a different time of the Animal Crossing calendar.