Joe Biden might have just said the funniest line of 2020, and the internet is seriously applauding him for it – bring on the memes!

Last night marked the first presidential debate of 2020, an event that saw the two candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump debating about pretty much everything in preparation for November’s 2020 election.

During the debate, Biden made a one-liner that’ll certainly go down in history, as he put Donald Trump in his place and said something that everyone watching was no doubt thinking.

The hilarious phrase instantly trended on Twitter, and social media users have been sharing thousands of memes relating to it – here are some of the best.

Photo by Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images

Joe Biden tells Donald Trump to “shut up”

The presidential debate was only in its first 90-minute segment and Joe Biden was already getting tired of Trump’s constant interruptions, talking over him and general gibberish. So, in retaliation he said something that left viewers in initial shock, before applauding him for his honesty.

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Biden began engaging with the audience, telling them how important it is for them to go out and vote. However, Trump repeatedly interrupted him, and said multiple times: “Why aren’t you going to answer the question?”

Then, after he couldn’t take it any longer Biden shut down the President once and for all and said: “Will you shut up man.” Then, the interviewer ended the segment and Trump said “wow that was a really productive segment” before Biden said, “keep yapping man”.

Much to the world’s disbelief, Joe Biden really told the President to shut up, and everyone is applauding him for it. Here are the 17 best memes being shared in response to Biden’s quote.

17 best ‘will you shut up’ memes

As soon as the line was spoken, everyone was waiting for the memes.

Biden said what the whole world was thinking.

The line really was comedy gold.

The whole of America was on Biden’s side.

The remix is kinda catchy.

Everyone was SHOOK.

T-shirts are already being sold.

This is all of us when we think about the fact that t-shirts are already being sold.

Make it my ringtone NOW.

Biden’s won over a few extra voters with this line.

The laughs just keep on coming.

Round of applause for Joe Biden!

Still in shock that Biden was allowed to say that.

We have car stickers. I repeat, car stickers.

Trump really was yapping like a dog.

Joe Biden, you’re an internet sensation.

This photo of Trump really sums up the world’s reaction. Still in shock now!

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