Viewers at home are wondering what is wrong with Kamala Harris’ neck following her interview on CNN.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump held their first debate yesterday (September 29th) ahead of the election in November this year, debating about a number of topics.

Following Biden and Trump’s presidential debate, Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris appeared on CNN to share her thoughts.

However, many have been more worried about Kamala’s health as they kept wondering what happened to her neck.

Screenshot – Hear Kamala Harris’ reaction to Trump and Biden’s chaotic debate

What happened to Kamala Harris’s neck?

Kamala appeared on CNN yesterday (September 29th) to offer her thoughts to Biden and Trump’s first presidential debate.

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During her eight-minute interview, viewers at home noticed that her neck appeared to be swollen on the left side, leaving many concerned about her health.

The Democratic vice presidential nominee regularly shares images from her public appearances and her neck looks fine on her previous social media posts. It remains unconfirmed if something is wrong with her neck or if it was an illusion on camera.

Kamala hasn’t addressed the concerns of people as of the time of publication, but many have continued to post messages on social media.

Fans share concerns on Twitter

Twitter users have flooded the social media app with messages full of concern following Kamala’s CNN interview.

Many have said that they are worried about the US senator’s health.

One user tweeted: “@KamalaHarris saw you on CNN, concerned about the left side of your neck, hope all is ok.”

Someone else said: “I searched “Kamala Harris neck” and lots of people are commenting/disturbed. I think she will get the message. Hopefully she is aware and has already had it checked? I can’t bear anymore bad news this year!”

Others speculate on Twitter

Some people have speculated that Kamala’s swollen neck might be an illusion because of her hair.

One person reacted: “I think it is an illusion because of her hair. It does look weird though.”

Someone else speculated: “Someone moved her hair or photoshopped her neck after the cnn interview. Hope she’s okay!”