Super Mario Bros 35, the new Mario Battle Royale game from Nintendo, has almost reached its release time. Soon players will be able to compete against thirty four rivals to determine who is truly the best at an iconic 8-bit platformer.

Released to coincide with the thirty-fifth anniversary of the original game, Super Mario Bros 35 follows in the wake of games like Tetris 99, which graft the widespread Battle Royale genre onto games that were never designed to be mass multiplayer online titles.

In this case, Mario 35 players are able to fling hazards at each other while powering through classic Super Mario Bros NES levels, as the last player standing is crowned the winner.

What is the release time for Super Mario Bros 35?

Update: The release time for Super Mario Bros was October 1 at 09:00am BST (01:00am PT, 04:00am ET).

Bear in mind that Super Mario Bros 35 is a limited release, which Nintendo claims will only be available until March 31 2021.

That said, Nintendo also said that Super Jump Rope would only be a limited release, but the game’s lifespan has been extended due to its popularity. If enough people play Super Mario Bros 35 regularly, it may also be made available for longer.


How much does Super Mario Bros 35 cost?

Super Mario Bros 35 is a free game that is available at the time of its release to everyone with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. Without a subscription, it will not be possible to play the game.

Super Mario Bros 35 is only available for online multiplayer, as it required thirty five players to fill a match. There is no option for JoyCon sharing or local multiplayer.

The game is just one aspect of Nintendo’s celebration of Mario’s 35th birthday – there are plenty more video games coming in the next few months that pay tribute to the company’s mascot.

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