EA Motive promists that Star Wars Squadrons comes with a satisfactory single-player campaign, but how long will it take to complete?

The main draw for Star Wars Squadrons is, without a doubt, its multiplayer experience. Teams of five players can work together to fight against AI opponents or another team of five humans.

Historically, EA has had a rocky time providing substantial single-player elements in their ostensibly multiplayer-focused Star Wars games. So how much does Squadrons offer the single-player fan?

EA Motive

How long is Star Wars Squadrons’ single-player campaign?

According to an interview with EA Motive, Star Wars Squadrons’ solo campaign is as long as a standard singe-player campaign in a multiplayer game – The Verge’s Nick Statt guesses that this could be between eight and fifteen hours long.

Considering the game’s relatively low price point, getting a normal-sized single-player campaign feels like a good deal for those who like a little story with their action games, and is a nice inclusion alongside the game’s multiplayer offerings.

That said, it’s hard to quantify how long players will actually be invested in the game, as the main focus is on multiplayer. It’s not so much a matter of finishing a set story, as it is playing until the online aspect of Squadrons becomes tiresome.

What’s in the Star Wars Squadrons single-player campaign?

According to EA Motive, the single-player campaign includes long segments where the player takes on the role of a Rebel Alliance pilot, followed by similar segments playing as an Imperial pilot.

One example mission involves Imperial pilots extracting and then escorting a valuable Imperial agent. This means fighting to her location, then following behind her transport ship to ensure that Alliance enemies don’t destroy her before she can be extracted.

This kind of gameplay is to be expected of a game where multiplayer is the focus, as it uses existing assets to craft something approximating a story. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen how long the solo campaign in Star Wars Squadrons will actually keep players entertained.

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