Guess who’s doing another Tesla giveaway. Yes, it’s David Dobrik, and fans are mocking him on Twitter by posting some hilarious memes.

David Dobrik is no stranger to a Tesla giveaway. The YouTuber often partners with different companies to give away a few of Elon Musk’s expensive cars to some of his followers.

This time, in order to be eligible for the competition you need to have registered to vote in November’s Presidential election, and millions of people across the USA will enter the luxury giveaway.

Since the giveaway was announced, people on Twitter have been roasting David Dobrik, and they’re also mocking the fans who think they have a chance of winning – here are the 17 best David Dobrik Tesla Memes.

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15 best David Dobrik Tesla Memes

There’s a running joke on Twitter that everyone who reposts David Dobrik’s Tesla giveaway is a clown. Millions of people enter, so the likeliness that you’re actually going to win is very slim.

Is trying to win David Dobrik’s Tesla really the most important think on the world agenda right now? Surely there’s more important things like, Covid-19 perhaps?

This was everyone’s reaction when they realised David Dobrik was doing a Tesla giveaway. Yes, another one.

Say it louder for the people in the back. YOU’RE NOT GOING TO WIN!

Locals when David Dobrik does a Tesla giveaway on Instagram. It’s showtime!

Just incase you didn’t hear the first time, you’re really not going to win a Tesla.

Yes, everyone knows they’re not going to win but they’re still patiently waiting for that Instagram DM. Maybe one day.

Here we go again, everyone’s Instagram stories are going to be completely bombarded with the Tesla giveaway.

The clown jokes are back again. You’re really not going to win.

We all felt like this when the giveaway was announced. Another one? Really?

I’ll tell you one last time. You. Will. Not. Win.

Deleting Instagram for the forseeable future. Let me know when the giveaway is over.

Everyone’s really not happy about this one.

Another person who thinks they’re going to win? Be quiet.

Luckily for everyone, the giveaway only runs until Monday, October 5th. So try not to let your irritation build up too much. We can get through this!

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