Valorant’s OP weapon, the Operator, is about to get nerfed. Game designer Nick Wu has shared some of the ways the rifle will be weakened in the upcoming 1.09 update.

The Operator’s name has always felt appropriate, given that it shortens to a succinct “OP” – which can also be an abreviation for the phrase “Over Powered”. The gun’s cost, power, and speed has always made it a sought-after item, and, by association, has frustated any player that prefers another weapon.

Finally, though, Riot Games is taking steps to nerf the OP Operator, which will go live when Valorant receives in 1.09 patch update in the near future.

How Valorant’s OP gun is getting nerfed

According to Nick Wu, the OP will be nerfed in several ways. Most notably, the gun will increase in price from $4,500 to $5,000, making it more difficult to acquire.

Beyond this, the OP’s targeting speed will be reduced, as its scoped speed will drop from 76% to 72%, and its deadzone will drop from 30% to 15%, making it more inaccurate if used in longer bursts.

Finally, the OP’s fire rate will drop to 0.6 from 0.75, and its instant equipt time will drop to 0.3 from 0.5. These nerfs will hopefully take away some of the OP’s natural edge in Valorant matches.

Riot Games

What is updated in the Valorant 1.09 patch ?

Valorant will receive its 1.09 patch update in the next few days, and when it comes, it will fix a host of issues with the gameplay’s balance beyond nerfing the OP.

Most notably, a new 0.2 second reduction in accuracy will be applied to all Valorant weapons when falling. This will prevent players from dropping down on top of opponents and killing them before they can react.

As this maneuvre happens to be a common practice with the OP, this will also serve to nerf the Operator, even though it applies to all weapons in Valorant.

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