Star Wars Squadrons is a team-based multiplayer space shooter, so naturally, fans are wondering whether it supports cross platform play. It’s not very helpful if you want to play with friends but you can’t because they’re playing on a different platform.

EA’s upcoming Star Wars game promises the full X-Wing or TIE Fighter simulator experience. Not only does Squadrons let players engage in all-out dogfights and bombing runs in space, but it’s also VR compatible for even greater immersion.

All of this may sound great, but without cross platform play, the game could end up feeling very lonely. So will it be possible to play with friends on different platforms?

Is Star Wars Squadrons Cross Platform?

Star Wars Squadrons does feature cross platform play between PC, PS4, and Xbox One. If your friends are playing on a different console, you’ll still be able to join them in battle.

Squadrons allows teams of five to compete either against AI or human opponents in a series of challenges. A team will also be able to gather in the briefing room on board their capital ships before missions.

Balancing PC and console crossplay can often be difficult as a keyboard and mouse is more accurate than a controller. There hasn’t been any word yet from EA as to whether PC players will suffer any kind of handicap.

EA Motive

How does multiplayer modework?

The main multiplayer mode that Star Wars Squadrons will use cross platform play for is called Fleet Battles. This involves multi-stage missions where a team of players try out various different facets of the game’s space combat.

First, players will engage in dogfights, aiming to shoot down their opponents as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is followed by a stage in which players either defend or attack a medium-sized capital ship.

In the final stage, players will work together against a large capital ship – either a Mon Calamari cruiser or an Imperial Star Destroyer. The ability to enjoy cross platform play in this mode will likely be one of the big draws in Star Wars Squadrons.

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