It’s National Coffee Day 2020 in the USA, and Twitter users are celebrating their favourite beverages by sharing memes on social media.

Today marks everyone’s favourite national holiday. No it’s not Christmas, not Thanksgiving, and not Easter. It’s National Coffee Day! It’s the day where we all celebrate the best drink in the world, and the one that gets us through life by literally keeping us awake every day.

If you’re a coffee lover then here are some of the best memes people have been sharing on Twitter today.

15 National Coffee Day Memes

Rule number one, NEVER trust people who can function before they drink coffee.

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It’s National Coffee Day so you know what that means? Coffee time!

This is all of us on a Monday morning.

It should definitely be illegal for people to talk to you before you’ve had your first coffee.

Wait, it’s National Coffee Day? I thought that was every day.

A truck full of coffee? Sounds great!

It’s time to buy your pooch a puppaccino for National Coffee Day.

We want endless amounts of coffee. How do I go about getting a coffee tap?

Coffee = God.

How much coffee is too much coffee?

Now lets get a little controversial. How do you have your coffee?

Me without coffee vs me with coffee.

You can’t go wrong with an Irish coffee.

Yep, Miranda Priestly is all of us.

Which coffee owl are you today?

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