Among Us is one of the most popular games right now thanks to it having become the best game to watch over on Twitch. Seeing gaming celebrities play The Thing in space has resulted in pretty much everyone hopping aboard the bandwagon, and here you’ll discover how to get no name in Among Us so your identity appears blank and invisible.

As previously mentioned, Among Us has become ridiculously popular and this has resulted in the title earning 1.5 million concurrent players. And yes, that is an incredible feat for a game that came out back in 2018 to very little fanfare.

If you’re a part of the bandwagon and would wish to keep your identity a mystery, here you’ll discover how to get no name so your gamertag appears blank and invisible.

How to get a blank name in Among Us

You must visit Compart to get the Unicode character Hangul Filler U+3164 to get a blank no name in Among Us.

Simply click the above link and follow the below steps to get a blank no name in Among Us on mobile:

  • Copy the Unicode character between the quotation marks
  • Open the Among Us app
  • Select Online and then the text field to change your name
  • Long press on your screen and select Paste

Although the Unicode character has been copied, it will seem as if you have no name in Among Us because it will appear blank and invisible.  

For visual reference you can check out TECH GURU‘s guide on YouTube.