It’s back but is Fargo season 5 confirmed? Noah Hawley’s anthology series boasts infinite possibilities, so let’s consider its renewal status.

When discussing the most lauded filmmakers of the last few decades or so, it’s perhaps impossible not to cite the Coen brothers.

With the likes of No Country For Old Men, The Big Lebowski, Inside Llewyn Davis, True Grit and many more under their belt, it’s hardly difficult to understand why that is.

They’ve demanded the attention of cinemagoers so many times, but arguably, few of their films are quite so cherished as Fargo.

The 1996 film is generally regarded as one of the best movies of the nineties and the legacy it has earned is undeniable.

When a TV series of the same name was announced, fans were a little apprehensive, but rather than retreading all of the same ground, Noah Hawley’s series took inspiration while pursuing a new direction.

In the tradition of anthology, each season brings audiences a new story and season 4 has arrived to do just that.

So, is there another tale in the pipeline already?

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Is Fargo season 5 confirmed?

  • No, Fargo season 5 is yet to be confirmed. Despite no news on its potential renewal, creator Noah Hawley has offered fans hope.

Speaking with Deadline at FX’s recent press day, Noah was asked about a potential fifth season and expressed:

“I’m certainly not ruling it out… it’s not just one idea you need, it’s a hundred ideas and characters, so that tends to percolate.”

Before that, however, he has spoken out about what he’s working on at the moment: “I have a novel, I’m trying to finish, it’s not my goal to race back into production.”

Taking that into consideration, it could be that optimistic fans will hope for a season 5 but won’t expect it quite as soon as the others emerged.

Addressing a hectic schedule, he weighed in: “I’ve been going and going for a long time now. I tend to say ‘yes’ to things, thinking I’ll do one thing and then another, and it always ends up that the two things have to happen simultaneously. I put a lot into this show, I have kids, who are at an age where I want to be at home with them…”

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Fargo season 4: How many episodes?

There are 11 episodes in Fargo season 4.

The three previous seasons contained 10, so at least the creator and the team have given audiences a little extra to chew on this time around.

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