Riddles have always been a popular form of brain training entertainment, but now more than ever, thanks to lockdown, people are giving them a go.

You may have seen the “When all is shadowed dark as night” riddle online and have been struggling with the answer for a while.

This riddle has perplexed internet users far and wide, leaving them arguing over what the answer could possibly be.

Many people have been searching hard for the correct answer, desperate to know the true meaning of the riddle!

When all is shadowed dark as night riddle

The riddle in question is a complicated one, and has people all over the world perplexed over what the answer could be. Here is the riddle:

When all is shadowed, dark as night, just look for me out in the light

The difficulty over this riddle, is that the question is such a broad one, meaning people are offering plenty of potential answers.

However, internet users seem to have found the correct answer, and the answer is rose.

Photo by Horsephotos/Getty Images

Plenty of users are confused over how the answer is rose, but it has been revealed that the official answer is rose. Your next challenge is to work out the connection!

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