Sneakerheads arrived on Netflix on September 25th but a surprise appearance from Mark Wahlberg has left fans confused.

We all love to collect something. Whether it’s rare action figures, nicely-shaped stones we find lying around or special edition coins, there’ll be something for everyone.

In Netflix’s Sneakerheads, as the title suggests, shoes are the name of the game as lead characters Devin, Bobby, Nori and tag-along Stuey go in search of a mythical pair of sneakers.

Along the way, our intrepid band of protagonists must venture to the far-flung corners of the globe and meet some surprising characters along the way.

The most surprising by far is that of Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg who takes centre stage in episode 3, titled The Match.

However, as fans who have seen the episode will know, the Mark Wahlberg we meet isn’t quite who you’d expect.

Sneakerheads | Official Trailer | Netflix

Sneakerheads | Official Trailer | Netflix

Sneakerheads on Netflix

Sneakerheads arrived on Netflix on September 25th, 2020.

The six-episode series tells the story of stay-at-home dad, Devin.

He is a former sneakerhead who is dragged straight back into the shoe-hunting world when old friend Bobby claims to have found a lead to the most mythical pair of sneakers out there.


Mark Wahlberg in Sneakerheads

During their sneaker-hunting adventures, Devin, Bobby and co. travel to some far-flung locations and meet some highly unexpected people.

The most unexpected of them all is Boston-born actor Mark Wahlberg, known for roles in the Transformers franchise, The Fighter and The Departed, among others.

However, when we meet Mark Wahlberg in episode 3, we can see that it’s not the real Mark Wahlberg who plays him.

Instead, the Academy Award-nominated actor is portrayed by Mark L. Walberg, best known for presenting the US version of The Antiques Roadshow as well as The Price is Right, Live and Temptation Island.

Casting Mark L. Walberg as the actor Mark Wahlberg is a stroke of genius from the showrunners as it not only saves a tonne of money by not casting the real Hollywood superstar but it also serves as a cheeky wink to the audience.


Fans react to Mark L. Walberg in Sneakerheds

It’s safe to say that casting Mark L. Walberg as Mark Wahlberg in Sneakerheads has confused a lot of viewers while others think the move is hilarious.

One fan on Twitter wrote: “Why is there a guy playing Mark Wahlberg in Sneakerheads? WTF am I missing lol”

While another disappointed fan added: “Really bothered that @markwahlberg doesn’t play @markwahlberg in sneakerheads lmao”

And finally, this fan added: “Having someone else play Mark Wahlberg in Sneakerheads is f****** hilarious and dumb.”

Sneakerheads, which features Mark L. Walberg as Mark Wahlberg, is available to stream now after releasing on Netflix on September 25th, 2020.

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