If there’s one thing in Mafia Definitive Edition that’s likely to frustrate players more than any other, it’s trying to win the race mission. This mission is famous for its difficulty, literally driving many players to distraction.

The race mission is the fifth mission in the game, entitled “Fairplay”. It is infamous for its difficulty, and has been the reason many people have given up on Mafia entirely.

The remake attempts to make the race feel at least a little more fair, but it’s still a real challenge to get past, making Mafia Definitive Edition a lot more frustrating than it needs to be.

How to win the race mission in Mafia Definitive Edition

To win the race in Mafia (and the Defintive Edition), you need to control your speed. Don’t go too fast at first, even if you think a stretch is relatively safe, as tackling a corner while going to fast is the biggest mistake you can make.

The first few curves of the track are relatively easy and can be achieved by simply easing off the gas for a second – later bends, though, will require the brakes if you want to manage their sharp turns.

Bear in mind that all other cars will be faster than you off the start – you’re better off waiting until they’ve spread out before overtaking them one by one.

Hangar 13

Can you skip the race mission in Mafia Definitive Edition?

You cannot skip the race mission in Mafia or Mafia Defintive Edition. For years, Mafia fans have hoped for a way to skip the race mission entirely, but this isn’t possible.

The only way to get past the mission is to win the race. The only way to do this is to play it over and over until you’ve memorised the course and learned all of its bends.

While this is a frustrating experience, winning the race and completing the Fairplay mission can be one of the most satisfying achievements in Mafia Definitive Edition – if you ever manage it, that is.

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