The get the best advantage in Genshin Impact, it may be necessary to reroll your stats to get a five star, top tier character. This can be a challenge, as the game only gives you one chance to roll your character for each account.

As Genshin Impact is free to play and based on gacha-style random character selection, it’s not surprising that getting the best starting character with top tier stats can be a challenge. After all, the game is designed to tease you until you pay money.

That said, players have already figured out the quickest, most effective way to reroll in Genshin Impact – so long as you don’t mind breaking the rules and risking a potential ban.

How to reroll your starting character in Genshin Impact

To reroll in Genshin Impact, you’ll have to sign up for a brand new account and username, then play through the first twenty minutes of gameplay. There is no other way to reroll.

Rerolling on PlayStation is more difficult than on PC, as your account is tied to your PSN account. If you really want to reroll, you’ll need to be willing to make a second PSN account.

Once you’ve got your new account, you can start the game and play through the introduction again. YouTubers such as SuperSonicGaming159 have already documented the fastest way to speedrun through the Genshin Impact intro if you’re planning to reroll multiple times.


What is the top tier list in Genshin Impact?

In Genshin Impact, the top tier 5 star characters are as follows:

  • Venti (S+)
  • Keqing (S)
  • Mona (S)
  • Duluc (S)
  • Qiqi (A+)
  • Jean (A)

All of these characters are rare, and it’s unlikely to get several at the start on a single playthrough. As such, if you choose to reroll at the start of Genshin Impact, bear in mind that you can’t necessarily get a lot of top tier characters without grinding the introduction over and over.

Also, beware: there are some reports of players being banned from Genshin Impact for endlessly rerolling their starting characters. This might not be a problem if you only reroll once, but the more you restart, the more suspicious you will look.

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