According to a New York Times investigation, Donald Trump, The President of the United States, only paid $750 in taxes in the year he was elected President.

Trending on Twitter, Trump’s taxes is all anyone can talk about, and people all over the world have taken to Twitter to share their views on the matter.

As is always the way, many internet users have created memes on the subject and some are too hilarious not to share.

11 best Trump Taxes memes

1. Some users decided to use scenes from movies in order to get their point across:

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2. Others decided that cartoons is the best way to go to when discussing Trump:

3. This Twitter user used this clever analogy to explain to people just how little Trump paid in taxes:

4. Twitter is flooded with memes about Trump’s taxes:

5. This person decided to use their dog for comparison:

6. Drake’s lyrics seem to fit the topic perfectly according to this tweet:

7. Some users are excited to see what will happen now:

8. Others were pretty unimpressed to hear that they paid more in taxes than Trump:

9. Some users couldn’t contain their shock:

10. Twitter really is a gold mine sometimes:

11. In summary, this appears to be most people’s reaction:

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