Has Utopia season 2 been confirmed? Amazon has unveiled season 1, so let’s consider the renewal status of this intriguing US TV remake series.

The 2010s was a golden decade for TV enthusiasts.

No matter how obscure your preferences, it’s safe to say that the last ten years had something truly special to offer you on the big screen.

After all, if you can finally resurrect the one and only Twin Peaks, it does seem like absolutely anything is possible.

With the likes of Fleabag, Mr. Robot, BoJack Horseman and many more making their way to screens over this period, it’s pretty difficult to pick a 2010s favourite. However, plenty would declare Utopia their unquestionable choice.

Created by Dennis Kelly, this British black-comedy and genre-bending series arrived on Channel 4 in 2013 and ran for two seasons up until 2014.

While it was praised by viewers on release, the cult following it has managed to attract since is exceedingly admirable.

Now, fans and new audiences alike have been invited to check out the US remake, adapted by Gillian Flynn (author of Gone Girl).

All 8 episodes dropped on Friday, September 25th 2020. So, can we expect more?

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Amazon: Is Utopia season 2 confirmed? Renewal status

  • While Amazon hasn’t offered an official renewal announcement, Gillian Flynn has confirmed in an interview that plans for season 2 are already underway.

In an interview with the Radio Times, she addressed the future, expressing:

“We already are just dipping into season two. And I’ve told everyone, the world is open, let’s see what we want to do.”

She also acknowledged the first season’s ending: “I would say it is a very deliberate sort of cliffhanger.”

While the cliffhanger may have made a second season feel entirely inevitable, we’ve been proven wrong before with show’s seemingly being cancelled far before the creators have had the chance to offer fans a satisfying conclusion.

Nevertheless, Gillian has weighed in that “the world is open”.

Reflecting upon episode 8, we learn that Dr Christie and The Harvest are creating a fake flu pandemic which will result in the widespread purchase of Christie’s vaccine. However, it turns out the vaccine actually contains a real virus which will make the consumer sterile in attempts to solve overpopulation.

Realising this, the crew target the vaccine while Wilson attempts to secure a confession from Christie. Although, the doctor turns out to be pretty persuasive about his cause and sways Wilson.

Ian and Alice escape, Grant is seized and Christie gets Becky.

Arby, on the other hand, escorts Jessica to the yellow house and she learns that Milner wanted Jesscia because her blood contains a life-changing virus.

There, she is captured and it’s revealed that her father is still alive.

Utopia renewal status: Gillian Flynn looks ahead

Continuing her conversation with the Radio Times, Gillain addressed: “There’s gonna be more…the ideas I played with as far as Home and where Jessica comes from, and what that background is, and what Christie really wants, are all explained a little bit more in that final episode,”

She added: “Nothing gets nailed down, but there is a lot more of a glimpse into things we’ve been alluding to. For me it really finalises the mythology of the show.”

It teases a great deal to come, as those who have seen the original British series will be very aware.

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Utopia: US remake verdict

A number of audiences have already taken to Twitter to offer their thoughts on the new series.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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