Trisha Paytas is a hot topic of conversation on social media today after she accidentally flashed in a TikTok video.

American YouTuber and social media personality Trisha Paytas is known to be a little controversial. The 32-year-old from California is open about her job as a stripper before she became a social media star, and she is often involved in a lot of internet drama.

Paytas is the queen of body positivity, not scared to bare it all on social media and encourage other girls to be confident. But her empowerment went a little too far this week when she accidentally flashed whilst dancing in her underwear on TikTok.

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Trisha Paytas flashes on TikTok

With over 2 million followers, Trisha Paytas is a pretty big fan of TikTok, and she often uploads 10, or sometimes even more short videos to the social media app in one day.

So when Trisha started uploading lots of videos in a row yesterday (September 24th), nothing seemed out of the ordinary. She uploaded a series of videos in two different underwear sets as she took her fans onto the set of her new music video.

In one of the videos, she wore a bright blue satin lingerie set and danced confidently. Little did she know, she had accidentally flashed her followers! Fans soon began noticing the blunder and started talking about it on social media.

Fans react to Trisha Paytas’ flash

On Twitter, many fans of Trisha quickly began reacting to the mistake, shocked at what they had just seen.

One person said: “Can’t stop thinking about that Trisha Paytas TikTok.”

Some fans weren’t even sure if the rumours were true. Did Trisha Paytas REALLY do that?

“So um I heard Trisha Paytas flashed her privates on TikTok? is this true or is it a rumor,” said another.

But others were pretty sure of what they’d seen.

One Twitter user said: “So are we just not gonna talk about the fact that Trisha Paytas had her entire coochie out on TikTok.”

The TikTok video has been removed

Not long after the video was posted, it was quickly removed by TikTok.

The app’s Community Guidelines clearly state that any content that depicts nudity will be removed from the app as it violates their terms and conditions.

Therefore, Trisha’s video is no longer visible on her account and she is yet to respond to the mistake.

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