MC Championship 10 has reached its start time. While the championship has previously been a monthly event, September is to see a second competition just a few weeks after MC9.

Organised by Noxcrew, the MC Championships test players’ skills against a variety of obstacle courses and custom minigames in the Java edition of Minecraft. The events have been earning larger and larger audiences on Twitch, making them an increasingly worthwhile spectacle.

With many famous and influential streamers taking part, it’s important to know when to tune in on Twitch to cheer on your favourite players during MC10.

What time does MC Championship 10 Start?

MC Championship 10 takes place on September 26, with a start time of 18:00 BST in the UK, and 10:00am PT or 13:00 ET in the US.

Both the official Noxcrew Twitch stream, and individual participants’ streams, will begin prior to the race’s start time, so it’s worth tuning in early to watch pre-game preparations.

This time, there will be ten teams competing in the championship, with eight teams made up of famous streamers, and two fan teams who are relative unknowns but who might well make names for themselves during the competition.

How to watch MC Championship 10

To watch MC Championship 10, simply head to Twitch before the competition’s start time. There you’ll either be able to watch along with the official stream, or else choose your favourite competitor’s stream to watch their perspective.

Both options have they benefits. If you’re looking to cheer on a particular player, you can watch their direct feed to show your support and provide encouragement. Alternatively, watching the official Noxcrew stream gives you the opportunity to see the games as a whole, and to enjoy commentary from experienced Minecraft players.

Either way, it’s important to remember to tune in at the start time for MC Championship 10, in order to enjoy the event live and watch the mayhem unfold.

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