Jordan Lipscombe has opened up about some pretty personal questions in her latest YouTube video with partner Jake Stenning where she addressed a question about her ex-boyfriends.

Much like celebrities, social media influencers also enjoy a life in the media spotlight.

Social media has given them the opportunity to update their followers about every bit of their lives.

YouTube star Jordan Lipscombe had a candid chat about her personal life in her latest video where she talked about her exes.

Screenshot – Jordan Lipscombe’s YouTube channel

Who is Jordan Lipscombe?

Jordan is one of the most popular online influencers in the UK.

She rose to fame for creating beauty and fashion content, scooping millions of fans on her social media profiles.

Jordan enjoys a loyal fan base on her YouTube channel where she currently has 1.87 million subscribers.

As for her other channels, she has over 520k followers on Instagram.

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What did Jordan Lipscombe say about her exes?

In her latest YouTube video, Jordan had a candid conversation with her boyfriend Jake and opened up about a series of personal questions.

She got asked about her ex-boyfriends and whether she has ever stalked them on social media to which she responded:

“No, I don’t stalk them. The only time I’ve ever looked is when my followers have sent me something to go look at something. And it’s because I’m either getting s**t on or someone wants me to see something because my followers are updating me literally on everything.”

Jordan added: “Genuinely, I am happy that I don’t need to be doing that.”

While it’s unclear who Jordan referred to in her answer, she was previously in a relationship with Elliot Stephens who is a YouTube star with 18.2k subscribers.

Elliot still has videos with Jordan on his channel.

Who is Jordan’s boyfriend Jake?

Jordan is in a relationship with Jake Stenning.

He was born on June 21st, 1997 and turned 23 years old earlier this summer.

Similar to Jordan, Jake is also a social media star with 47k followers on Instagram. He regularly posts travel and modelling content on his profile.

Jake often appears in Jordan’s YouTube videos as he doesn’t have a channel of his own.

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