Genshin Impact was given a confirmed release date for September back in August, and this launch date is now right around the corner. There have been betas for people to enjoy, but the full release is now on the horizon. And this has resulted in some people asking for clarity when it comes to the following question: is Genshin Impact free to play on PS4, PC, and mobile? Here you’ll discover all of the free characters at launch.

As an online action-RPG that can be played alone or with a group of friends, Genshin Impact is an exciting and ambitious title with a visually pleasing landscape and plenty of cute anime protagonists to play as. And, to hype up its launch, a gorgeous animated story trailer has been released.

If you’re looking forward to the ambitious Chinese developed game, below you’ll discover whether it is free to play on PS4, PC, and mobile, and what characters are freely given.

Is Genshin Impact free to play?

Yes, Genshin Impact is free to play.

Genshin Impact is free to play on PS4, PC, and mobile, but there is an Adventurer’s Bundle pack that you can buy.

This Adventurer’s Bundle costs £8.99 on PS4 and it allows Sony gamers to preload the open-world action-RPG.

In addition to being able to preload the experience, the bundle also comes with the following bonuses:

  • Advanced character EXP material: Hero’s Wit ×15
  • Advanced weapon EXP material: Mystic Enhancement Ore ×20
  • Wish material: Acquaint Fate ×2
  • Currency: Mora ×150,000
  • Character EXP material: Adventurer’s Experience ×80
  • Weapon EXP material: Fine Enhancement Ore ×50
  • Food items: Northern Smoked Chicken ×10, Sautéed Matsutake ×10, Sweet Madame ×10, Tea Break Pancake ×10

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Although Genshin Impact is listed at £8.99 on the PSN store, it will become free to play once the title has been released.

Genshin Impact free characters

The free characters you unlock early in Genshin Impact can be found below:

  • Main character
  • Amber
  • Kaeya
  • Lisa

You unlock Amber as a free character in Genshin Impact by travelling to the game’s first city, meanwhile Kaeya and Lisa become playable with the first few story dungeons.

The MC has wind abilities and later unlocks Earth, Amber has fire skills while utilising a bow and arrow, and Kaeya has the power of ice while wielding a sword.

Out of the free characters available, Lisa is arguably the best thanks to her electric abilities and overt behaviour.

You can play as the four listed characters and switch between them in combat and during exploration.

In addition to the aforementioned fantastic four, there is also Noelle and Xiangling. However, there is some uncertainty about whether Noelle will definitely remain a guaranteed drop from the beginner banner.

Meanwhile, with Xiangling, players report being able to obtain her by completing different achievements such as the Abyss.

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