Genshin Impact finally received a confirmed September release date back in August, and this launch date isn’t too far off. The online action-RPG will be available on PS4, PC, and mobile for iOS and Android, and some people are asking: when is the release time for Genshin Impact? Here you’ll discover what time it comes out and how you can preload it on PS4, PC, and mobile.

With similarities to Breath of the Wild which resulted in someone smashing their PlayStation 4, the action-RPG is an online experience which has received a simply gorgeous animated trailer to hype its launch.

If you’re looking forward to exploring its visually pleasing world while playing as various cute anime characters, here you’ll discover the release time for Genshin Impact and how to preload it on PS4, PC, and mobile.

How to preload Genshin Impact

You can preload Genshin Impact on PS4 at 09:00 PDT and 17:00 BST on September 25th.

As for PC, you can preload Genshin Impact at 19:00 PDT on September 25th and 03:00 BST on September 26th.

Lastly, for iOS and Android, you can prematurely download the game at 23:00 PDT on September 26th and at 07:00 BST on the 27th.

Know in advance that you can only preload the game on PS4 if you pre-order. And, if you want to pre-order, you will have to pay £8.99 for the Adventurer’s Starter bundle.

This comes with the following bonuses per the PSN store:

  • Advanced character EXP material: Hero’s Wit ×15
  • Advanced weapon EXP material: Mystic Enhancement Ore ×20
  • Wish material: Acquaint Fate ×2
  • Currency: Mora ×150,000
  • Character EXP material: Adventurer’s Experience ×80
  • Weapon EXP material: Fine Enhancement Ore ×50
  • Food items: Northern Smoked Chicken ×10, Sautéed Matsutake ×10, Sweet Madame ×10, Tea Break Pancake ×10

While you can pre-order the game for a modest fee, know that Genshin Impact will be free-to-play come its release date.

What time does Genshin Impact come out?

The release time for when Genshin Impact comes out on PS4, PC, and mobile is 10:00 UTC+8 on September 28th.

This means that Genshin Impact should come out at the release time of 19:00 PDT and 22:00 EST on September 27th, meanwhile 03:00 BST on the 28th.

Remember that you can only preload it for PS4 if you opt to pre-order and pay for the Adventurer’s Starter bundle.

You need at least 30 GB of space on the PS4, meanwhile mihoyo have posted the system requirements for PC and mobile.

Check out mihoyo’s website for more information about preload times and system requirements.