Enola Holmes arrived on Netflix on September 23rd but who does the Enola Holmes marry? Will young Tewkesbury ever return?

Sherlock Holmes is one of the most famous fictional detectives to have ever been created.

First brought to life on the pages of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s books, Sherlock Holmes has gone on to appear in countless adaptations over the decades.

In Netflix’s latest release, however, the focus is taken away from the famed detective and instead placed on his younger sister, Enola Holmes.

The film centres on Enola and the case of the missing marquess, a young Viscount by the name of Tewkesbury, who like Enola, is a runaway.

The pair spend a lot of time together during the film but any moments where romantic feelings start to simmer are played down leading to many fans to ask the question ‘who does Enola Holmes marry?’

Enola Holmes | Official Trailer | Netflix

Enola Holmes | Official Trailer | Netflix

Enola Holmes on Netflix

Enola Holmes, which is based on the Nancy Springer novels of the same name, arrived on Netflix on September 23rd, 2020.

The film follows the titular Enola Holmes (Millie Bobby Brown) as she goes in search of her missing mother, becoming embroiled in the case of a runaway Lord in the process.

Watching over her shoulder are her two older brothers, the famous detective, Sherlock (Henry Cavill), and the mean, moody and magnificent Mycroft (Sam Claflin), the latter set on sending Enola to finishing school.


Enola and Tewkesbury

Enola Holmes is introduced to Viscount Tewkesbury not long after she escapes from her brothers, Mycroft and Sherlock.

Tewkesbury is on the run after it’s revealed that someone in his family is trying to have him killed.

The pair spend a considerable amount of time together during the film and clearly grow close but any moments where romantic feelings start to simmer are quickly played down.

The two part ways at the very end of the film with Tewkesbury asking if he’ll ever see Enola again, with the young detective suggesting that their story isn’t over yet.


Who does Enola Holmes marry?

  • Enola Holmes doesn’t marry anyone.

That’s right, in the Enola Holmes books, released between 2006 and 2010, the young detective doesn’t end up marrying anyone.

While the film version of Enola Holmes suggests that she may meet Tewkesbury again, in the books, he only ever appears in the first story, The Case of the Missing Marquess, and is then absent from the next five stories.

In true Holmes fashion, Enola ends up dedicated to her detective work, just like her brother Sherlock, and eventually wins over her two brothers after proving her worth across the six-book series, which concludes with The Case of the Gypsy Goodbye.

Enola Holmes is available to stream now on Netflix after releasing on September 23rd, 2020.