After leaving our screens 24 years ago, Spitting Image is returning to our screens but just when is Spitting Image 2020’s release date?

With the world in such a chaotic state, comedy is essential to keep ourselves sane, especially when it’s our national leaders who are the butt of the joke.

As such, the long-awaited return of Spitting Image to our screens couldn’t have come at a better time.

The satirical puppet series, which parodies political leaders and noteworthy celebrities, was originally broadcast on ITV between 1984 and 1996 and was a huge success in its heyday, attracting around 15 million viewers at its peak.

Now, Spitting Image is set to return to our screens, this time on the streaming service BritBox, but just when is Spitting Image 2020’s release date?

Spitting Image on BritBox

Spitting Image last appeared on ITV in February 1996 and despite attempts at a revival, has been off our screens for 24 years.

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That’s all set to change in 2020 as the puppet-led satire is due to make its long-awaited return on the streaming service, BritBox, created by ITV and the BBC in 2017.

While the original version of the series focused on political figures of the 1980s and 90s – most notably Margaret Thatcher – Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings and Donald Trump are all set to feature in this updated version.

A subscription to BritBox is currently priced at £5.99 per month here in the UK, while a 30-day free trial is also available.

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When is Spitting Image 2020’s release date?

  • Spitting Image 2020 will release on BritBox on October 3rd, 2020.

The release date of Spitting Image and several details about the show were confirmed by ITV on September 11th, just a few weeks prior to the show’s release.

Episode 1 of the new Spitting Image will arrive on BritBox on October 3rd and the 10-episode series will continue to release weekly until December 5th.

More than 100 puppets have been created for the new run of Spitting Image and will feature a number of famous faces from politicians and celebrities to Baby Yoda and even the Covid-19 virus itself.

It has not yet been revealed whether 2020’s Spitting Image will air on ITV as well as BritBox.

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Fans react to new take

It’s safe to say that the announcement of Spitting Image has excited many, while others are sceptical about the show arriving on the BritBox streaming service.

One fan on Twitter wrote: “After recently watching the box set of the entire original Spitting Image 30 odd years after first watching and loving it, I cannot wait for the new series.”

While another added: “Cannot wait for this. We need some satire rn!”

However, one fan, sceptical about the BritBox platform commented: “the funniest thing about the new spitting image is it’s on britbox and only about 1000 people will ever see it”

And finally, this Twitter user has had their own take on the Spitting Image puppets:

Spitting Image will be arriving on the BritBox streaming service on Ocotber 3rd, 2020 with a new episode arriving each week thereafter.

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