For a few weeks now, Maya Jama and Chunkz have teased their followers with adorable snaps on social media and many are wondering if they are together.

The personal lives of celebrities and social media influencers are always of interest to their followers.

And since they enjoy a life in the public eye, many of their fans want to know every detail about their personal lives, from relationships to professional projects.

In the case of presenter Maya Jama and YouTube star Chunkz, the two have been more vocal about knowing each other and exchanging cheeky tweets.

Here’s how their fans have reacted.

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Maya Jama and Chunkz

Maya Jama and Chunkz have sparked ‘dating rumours’ after they have been sharing snaps with each other on their social media profiles.

The two have bonded during Soccer Aid earlier this month and Chunkz took to Twitter to share that he secured a first ‘date’ with Maya.

“Missed a pen but i bagged Maya Jama, so who really won?” he tweeted, alongside two pictures with Maya.

Maya responded to the tweet, and joked: “were def prob related but we can be BFFs for life chunkelle.”

But Chunks has continued to tease his followers further after he posted a recent selfie with Maya on his Instagram Stories, writing: “Good day out w my babes, 2 weeks strong x.”

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Chunkz responds to ‘dating rumours’

Chunkz and Maya’s online ‘romance’ has been a trending topic for many of their followers on social media.

The YouTube star has reacted with the most hilarious response on Twitter after he and Maya made headlines.

“Can’t get any privacy nowadays sighhh,” he tweeted in response to a recent news story.

Well, it will be hard for Chunkz to get any privacy if he keeps teasing his followers about ‘dating’ Maya.

Fans react on Twitter

If you log into Twitter and go to Chunkz’ profile, you will come across thousands of comments from his followers.

Many fans have continued to share reactions to Chunkz and Maya’s ‘dating rumours’.

Check out a selection of reactions below.

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