Twitter users have been predicting some storylines for this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert, and they’re all Covid related.

The September heatwave is well and truly over and summer is a distant memory. As the weather gets colder and the mornings get darker, it’s getting closer and closer to everyone’s favourite time of the year, Christmas.

And you know what that means, the John Lewis Christmas Advert! The department store has become known for its emotional and heartwarming adverts that really get people in the mood for all things tree, tinsel and turkey.

The adverts are usually all about love, joy and spending time with family and friends. But as the Covid-19 pandemic continues, Christmas is looking to be a little different this year.

Twitter users have been predicting what the John Lewis 2020 Christmas advert will look like in pandemic times – here are 15 of the best.

Photo by Dave Rushen/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

15 2020 John Lewis Christmas advert predictions

The whole predicting the 2020 John Lewis Christmas advert trend was started by Sunday Times reporter Jonathan Dean who opened up a whole can of worms when he suggested the advert would contain a children’s choir singing to their fans via Zoom.

Or perhaps it’ll be set in a hospital, an homage to NHS staff and their hard work throughout this pandemic.

The advert will no doubt feature families stuck in their own homes, unable to see each other because of the rule of six.

Now this is an interesting one. A moody montage of Sooty and Sweep sinking into alcoholism. And by alcoholism, we mean hand-gel – hilarious!

Here’s another vote for the advert being themed around the NHS. Nurse walking to the hospital on Christmas Day, hospitals full of Covid patients. This year’s advert is certainly going to be a sad one.

Why not base it around the thousands of people who can’t get a coronavirus test. At the end of the advert they receive a present – it’s a home test kit. A Christmas miracle!

Here’s a morbid one. Hazmat suits and dead bodies everywhere. What a dystopian world we live in now.

We can’t forget good old Captain Tom. The former British Army officer was knighted after he raised £32 million for the NHS.

Here’s another bizarre one. Wallace and Gromit theme? Why not.

Oh no, Rudolph’s can’t guide Santa’s sleigh because his nose has to be covered by a mask. Tragic.

Boris Johnson claps in an empty Pret. Dominic Cummings drives his family through a food bank. Santa gets a £10,000 fine for doing into more Han 2 households. Heartbreaking.

This might perhaps be the most tear-jerking one of them all. They play the 2016 advert again, and then write at the end: “Remembering better times.” Really throwing salt on the wound there.

Another vote for Dominic Cummings, and Santa’s on a ventilator. Has Covid even reached the North Pole?

A Zoom Christmas seems like it’s on everyone’s radar this year.

And finally, remember that rule that hunting and shooting is exempt from the rule of six? Well, who’s up for going grouse shooting on Christmas Day? I think we just found a loophole!

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