The 7.39 returned to BBC One in September 2020 but the romantic drama’s ending has proven to be just as bittersweet as it did in 2014.

Thanks to the filming delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re starting to see more and more repeats appear on our screens.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, however, as it means that the BBC and ITV have been picking out some of the best shows from their respective archives.

In September 2020, The 7.39 returned to BBC One and it’s safe to say that the ending of the romantic drama has inspired just as passionate a reaction from viewers as it did when it first aired in 2014.

But just what happened in the final episode of The 7.39 and why are viewers so enthralled by the ending of Carl and Sally’s story?

The 7.39 on BBC One

The 7.39 returned to BBC One on September 21st, 2020.

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The two-part romantic drama, shown over two nights, tells the story of two commuters, Carl and Sally, who, after a coarse first meeting, begin to form a surprise friendship.

However, with the pressures of home life mounting on them both, Carl and Sally’s relationship starts to become a bit more serious.


The 7.39 episode 2

After The 7.39’s opening episode tip-toed around the edges of Carl and Sally’s affair, episode 2 dives right in at the deep end.

The opening half of the episode is all fun and games as it shows the pair sneaking off to hotel rooms and skiving from work to sight-see around London.

However, things take a much more serious turn when Carl is fired from his job and Sally becomes pregnant with her fiancé’s baby.

And after becoming suspicious of her husband, Maggie (Olivia Colman), tracks down Carl and finds him embracing Sally, exposing their affair and causing an almighty fall-out between both Carl and Maggie as well as Sally and her fiancé, Ryan.


The 7.39’s ending explained

Surprisingly, it all ends rather happily for Carl and Sally as we see in a ‘two years later’ flash-forward.

Despite breaking Maggie’s heart, Carl is miraculously forgiven for his actions and can be seen enjoying his family life before commuting to a new job in London where he happens to spot Sally out of the corner of his eye at Waterloo station.

Sally, now with her child and a new partner, has ditched her ex-fiancé, Ryan (Sean Maguire), after clearly taking exception to him describing her affair as a ‘wobble’ and realising that he’d use the incident to hold some control over her.

The pair catch each other’s eye and offer a wave and a smile but then go their separate ways.

The slightly bittersweet parting of the couple, in that they both have happy lives but can’t see each other, is undeniably for the best as actually meeting and talking would risk bringing all that mess from two years prior back into focus.

The 7.39 is available to stream now on BBC iPlayer after airing on BBC One on September 21st and 22nd and will be available for 30 days after its broadcast.

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