Appropriate Adult has returned to our screens in 2020 but is notorious serial killer Rose West still alive? If so, where is she now?

The world of film and TV has long been fascinated by serial killers and mass murderers.

Their stories almost always make their way onto our screens and make for captivating viewing, whether that’s through true-crime documentaries or embellished drama series.

In September 2020, the tale of Fred and Rose West has been brought back to the public’s attention through the two-part drama Appropriate Adult which first aired in 2011.

But just what happened to Rose West after the events of Appropriate Adult? Is she still alive? If so, where is she now?

Appropriate Adult on ITV

Appropriate Adult returned to ITV on September 22nd, 2020.


The two-part drama, shown over two nights, tells the story of the notorious serial killers, Fred and Rose West, who between them killed at least 12 girls and young women between 1967 and 1987.

While Appropriate Adult may centre on the case of the Wests, the main focus of the series is actually the titular appropriate adult, Janet Leach, who is brought in to assist in Fred West’s interviews with police.


Is Rose West still alive?

  • Yes, Rose West is still alive as of September 2020.

Rose West is now 66 years old and has spent almost half of her life behind bars after being found guilty of committing 10 murders during her trial in the autumn of 1995.

Rose West’s trial, which saw her sentenced to life in prison, is the key focus of Appropriate Adult’s second episode and sees the titular appropriate adult, Janet Leach, testify against Rose West.


Where is Rose West now?

Rose West is currently an inmate as HMP New Hall which is located in Flockton in West Yorkshire.

Upon her conviction in 1995, Rose West – who was born in North Devon and grew up in Gloucestershire – was sent to HMP Durham where, according to ITV documentary Myra Hindley and Rose West: Their Untold Story, she met and grew close to Myra Hindley, one of the Moors Murderers.

Following her spell at Durham, Rose West was transferred to HMP Low Newton, which has been an all-female prison since 1998 and is located only a few miles north of Durham.

According to Chronicle Live, Rose West was transferred again in June 2019, this time to HMP New Hall which is located between Huddersfield, Wakefield and Barnsley in West Yorkshire.

Appropriate Adult concludes on ITV on September 23rd while episode 1 of the two-part series is available to stream now on ITV Hub.

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