Among Us 2 has been cancelled. Here’s why.

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Among Us is one of the most popular games right now thanks to it having become the best game to watch over on Twitch. However, while it has only just had a sudden spike in popularity, the game has actually been available since 2018. This means it’s not quite so surprising that the developers have announced that a sequel is in the works. And this has resulted in people asking whether Among Us 2 will be free and if it will be on console for PS4, Xbox One, PS5, and Xbox Series X.

As previously mentioned, Among Us has become one of the most popular and best games of the year despite its initial release having occurred a couple of years ago. It has previously earned 1.5 million concurrent players, which is an incredible feat and testament to its popularity.

With all eyes on the game and its future, below you’ll discover whether Among Us 2 will be free and if it will be on console.

Will Among Us 2 be free?

Among Us 2 will be free on mobile.

However, Among Us 2 will not be free on PC, and it’s said that it could cost more than the current experience available on Steam.

While the in-development sequel will cost more, the developers have said that the sequel will launch with a discount coupon for owners of the current game on PC.

In addition to being free on mobile while costing more on PC, the developers have also suggested that there will be in-game currency to break up big cosmetic bundles so players can buy/earn what they want.

Jack 'n' Hat | Launch Trailer

The above are plans that have been outlined by the developers, but they are not fully set in stone.

Is Among Us 2 going to be on console?

Among Us 2 is not planned for console when it eventually launches.

Rather than coming to console for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, the current plan is to focus on PC first for Among Us 2.

Then the developers will attempt to port it to mobile.

As for when the game will come out, the developers have iterated that it’s in the very early stages of development.

While we don’t know when the sequel will come out, the developers have suggested that it will be in open beta for longer than six months.

You can check out the developer’s plans for Among Us 2 over on InnerSloth’s website.