The 7.39 is back on BBC One this September but just where was the romantic drama filmed and when was it originally made and released?

Thanks to the filming delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve started to see more and more repeats appear on our screens.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, however, as it means the likes of the BBC and ITV have been delving into their archives to cherry-pick some of the best programmes of recent years.

One of BBC One’s latest repeats has been the romantic drama The 7.39 but just where was the commute-heavy programme filmed and when was The 7.39 originally on our screens?

The 7.39 on BBC One

The 7.39 returned to BBC One on September 21st, 2020.

The two-part romantic drama, shown over two nights, tells the story of two commuters, Carl and Sally, who, after a coarse first meeting, begin to form a surprise friendship.

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However, with the pressures of home life mounting on them both, Carl and Sally’s relationship starts to become a bit more serious.


When was The 7.39 made and originally released?

The 7.39 first hit our screens on January 6-7th, 2014.

The drama, which was written by David Nicholls of Starter for Ten and Us, was originally announced by the BBC in April 2013 and filming officially began the following month.


Where was The 7.39 filmed?

  • The 7.39 was filmed in a myriad of locations across London and South East England.

According to IMDb, specific locations used in the series included Woking Station, where Sally and Carl both commute from and Waterloo Station in London, where the pair commute to.

On top of that, Church Street in Twickenham served as the location for the pair’s walk to work in episode 1 while the Royal Horseguards Hotel played host to Carl and Sally’s rendezvous at the end of the first episode.

Locations that pop up in episode 2 include the London Eye as well as the banks of the River Thames.

The 7.39 concludes on BBC One on September 22nd while episode 1 is available to stream now on BBC iPlayer with each episode remaining on the streaming service for 30 days following their broadcasts.