The ‘I had £3, my mum gave me £10’ riddle is a surprisingly tricky one but can you work out the answer to this puzzling problem?

If 2020 has shown us anything, it’s that you really can watch too much Netflix.

The lockdown restrictions put in place earlier this yet to fight the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic left millions of us stuck at home right across the world and searching for ways to keep ourselves entertained.

And while Netflix and Disney+ may have worked for a time, many of us needed something a bit more engaging to keep our brains ticking over and, as a result, riddles quickly started appearing online.

The latest riddle to hit social media is the ‘I had £3, my mum gave me £10’ riddle but just what is the answer to this tricky teaser?

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Riddle: I had £3, my mum gave me £10

The ‘I had £3, my mum gave me £10’ riddle is a surprisingly tricky one and is as follows:

  • I had £3. My mum gave me £10 while my dad gave me £30. My aunt and uncle gave me £100. I had another £5. How much money did I have?

Take your time with this one and make sure to read the question thoroughly as this riddle is a deceptive one.

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Answer: How much money did I have?

  • £8

That’s right, the answer to this riddle is just £8 and not £148.

Despite you being given a whopping £140 by your family members, the question is actually asking for the amount of money you had originally, which is just £8.

Granted, the riddle would be much easier if the question plainly specified that it was looking for the amount you had originally but where’s the fun in that?

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