A large part of succeeding in Supergiant’s new hit Hades is to know who to gift Nectar to – depending on which NPCs you exchange your Nectar with, you can get some powerful Keepsakes to make the game a lot more fun.

Nectar can be given to characters throughout the game, and doing so will earn you different Keepsakes which can then be upgraded. Some of these Keepsakes can make a big difference to Zagreus’ skills and abilities, so it’s important to make the right decisions.

Give Nectar to the right NPCs during the early game in Hades, and you’ll find the game going a lot more smoothly.

Who to give Nectar to in Hades

According to the Hades fan community, new players should give Nectar to Hypnos as soon as possible to receive the Cthonic Coin Purse Keepsake. This provides a large chunk of cash (either 100,125, or 150 Obols) after each escape attempt, helping you to increase your funds quickly.

Another favourite Keepsake is the Broken Spearpoint from Patroclus – this makes you invulnerable after taking damage for between 0.5 and 1.5 seconds.

Other popular Keepsakes involve items that ensure your next Boon comes from a certain deity – Aphrodite’s Eternal Rose and Artemis’ Adamant Arrowhead ensure you’ll get nice rare loot in the near future.

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Best Keepsakes for new Hades players

For brand new Hades players, it might be useful to give Nectar to Cerberus and Skelly early on to receive the Spiked Collar (+25/38/50 health) and Lucky Tooth (survive fatal blow) respectively. These make it far easier to survive a few knocks as you get used to the way the game plays.

These items have limited use in the later game, and as such, more experienced players often skip past them in favour of some of the more advanced Keepsakes. That said, there’s plenty of Nectar in the game, so you’ll have an opportunity to experiment with different Keepsakes later on.

Ultimately, each player will prefer a different type of Keepsake depending on their personal playstyle. The best solution is to give each Nectar you find to a different NPC to receive as many different Keepsakes as possible, and explore everything that Hades has to offer.