Bryce Hall and Tessa Brooks have sparked dating rumours after the two were seen getting close, as first reported by The Hollywood Fix.

With 13.7 million fans on TikTok, Bryce Hall is one of the biggest stars on the video sharing platform.

The social media influencer rose to fame with his TikTok content and YouTube channel.

As a huge social media star, his dating life and personal relationships are often questioned by his followers.

Bryce and Tessa Brooks, who is a former Team 10 member, have been spotted getting closer and sparked rumours that they might be in relationship.

Bryce Hall YouTube Channel

Bryce and Tessa spark dating rumours

Bryce and Tessa were seen together during a night out, as reported in a video by The Hollywood Fix.

The publication caught the two social media stars getting closer, sparking rumours that they might be more than friends.

Bryce and Tessa were out at the West Hollywood hangout Saddle Ranch with other online influencers.

As seen in the video below, the two sat next to each other as they enjoyed a long conversation and at some point, they appeared to be getting close to kissing.

So, are Bryce and Tessa dating?

Unknown at the moment. Bryce and Tessa haven’t publicly addressed the viral video or the dating rumours as a result of it.

So nothing is confirmed until they come out and address the speculations to the public.

Moreover, the two haven’t been spotted or rumoured to be a couple before so there isn’t any information about them being together at the moment.

Fans react on Twitter

It’s safe to say that many of Bryce and Tessa’s fans have been schocked to see the two stars getting closer.

One fan tweeted: “tessa brooks and bryce hall??? im crying.”

Someone else said: “bryce looks happy when he is with tessa, right now nothing else matters.”

Check out more reactions from social media users below.

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