Fortnite Season 4 is a crossover with Marvel that will pit players against Galactus. We’ve had plenty of challenges thus far with the most memorable concerning Wolverine, but now the week four challenges are live. This has resulted in people asking: where are the Collector Cases in Fortnite? Here you’ll discover where to find the Collector Cases by finding The Collection location.

Aside from the challenge which this guide focuses on, there are other week four challenges in Fortnite such as hacking robots at Stark Industries. Plus, the Wolverine tale continues with players now needing to launch Sentinel hands without touching the ground.

While all of the challenges are doable as always, here you’ll discover where the Collector Cases are in Fortnite by finding the location of The Collection.

Where are the Collector Cases in Fortnite?

The Collector Cases in Fortnite are found at The Collection.

Once you know where the Collector Cases are and manage to find them, all you need to do is destroy three to complete the week four challenge.

It’s an easy to complete challenge, but you must know where and how to find The Collection.

How to find The Collection location in Fortnite

The location of The Collection in Fortnite is on a snowy mountain.

You will find the location of The Collection on a snowy mountain near the Fortnite areas of Catty Corner and Retail Row.

Once you travel to these areas by sky or by land, it’ll be very hard for you to miss the museum of Collector Cases.

Simply travel to the Collection museum and destroy three Collector Cases to complete the challenge.

This is a Guardians of the Galaxy reference so it’s possible we can expect that ragtag of heroes to join Season 4 soon.

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