The Boys season 2 arrived on Amazon Prime Video in September 2020 and finally introduces Terror the dog but what happens to the lovable bulldog in the comics?

When it arrived on our screens in 2019, The Boys quickly became one of Amazon Prime Video’s staple series as it took the superhero genre and flipped it on its head.

The Boys, which is based on the comic book series of the same name, may have immensely popular source material but the show’s creators have never been afraid to add their own twists on The Boys’ characters and storylines.

As a result, some fan-favourite characters have either been changed in the series or simply haven’t appeared at all.

However, in season 2 episode 5, The Boys fans finally got their first on-screen introduction to one of the most-loved characters of all, Terror the dog.

The Boys Season 2 – Official Trailer | Amazon Prime Video

The Boys Season 2 – Official Trailer | Amazon Prime Video

The Boys season 2 on Amazon Prime Video

Season 2 of The Boys began releasing on Amazon Prime Video on September 4th.

The new instalment continues the story of Billy Butcher and the Boys as their conflict with the Seven and Vought International cranks up a few more notches.

Season 1 ended on the dramatic revelation that Billy’s wife, Becca, who he thought had died at the hands of Homelander, the leader of the Seven, was actually alive and well and has been secretly raising her and Homelander’s son.

However, in season 2, when Billy offers a chance for him and Becca to escape, she declines and the leader of the Boys is left down in the dumps and needing some good old canine companionship.

Meet Terror the dog in The Boys

Terror the dog is introduced in episode 5 of The Boys season 2.

After Billy’s offer of escape was rejected by Becca in episode 4, as she wanted to stay and raise her son, Billy is left in an even fouler mood than usual.

To help, he pays a visit to his Aunt Judy’s house where she has been looking after Billy’s dog, Terror.

However, Billy’s reunion with Terror is short-lived as the house is attacked by Black Noir, who had been tracking Billy after his meet-up with Becca.

Sadly, Terror is sent away with Judy again but it does sound like he’ll be back before too long.

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What happens to Terror in the comics?

In The Boys comics, Terror is a long-standing companion of Billy and is by his side from the opening issue onwards.

The Boys showrunner, Eric Kripke, confirmed to that Terror’s absence from season 1 was because of the difficulties that working with an animal would bring and that he was “too intimidated” to attempt it in season 1.

In the comics, Terror is a key member of The Boys and his ability to hump anything on Billy’s command (which we catch a brief glimpse of in episode 5) proves to be a helpful asset to the team.

Tragically, Terror doesn’t survive the comic book’s storyline as he’s killed by Homelander, which causes Billy to start an all-out war with the Seven.

Fingers crossed that Terror doesn’t meet the same fate in the Amazon series.

The Boys season 2 is available to stream now on Amazon Prime Video with new episodes releasing weekly until October 9th.

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