With Super Mario 3D All-Stars, players are rediscovering the joy of Super Mario Sunshine – along with its challenging Blue Coins which are scattered throughout the game.

Super Mario Sunshine first released in 2002, and refined the gameplay from Super Mario 64 for an all new game about clearing up pollution to safe a tropical island paradise.

There are many different collectibles throughout Super Mario Sunshine, but the Blue Coins are unique in that ten can be traded for a free Shine Sprite that doesn’t require extra work from the player.

How many Blue Coins are in Super Mario Sunshine?

Across all of Super Mario Sunshine, there are 240 Blue Coins to collect, which can be exchanged for Shine Sprites at the Boathouse.

There are twenty Blue Coins scattered around Isle Delfino’s hub world. Each individual level within the game has thirty Blue Coins to collect, and the final level, Corona Mountain, hides ten Blue Coins.

Ten Blue Coins can be exchanged for a Shine Sprite which can help to unlock new areas in the game, progress the story, or simply help anyone looking to 100% complete the game.


How to exchange Blue Coins for Shine Sprites

To exchange Blue Coins for Shine Sprites, head to the Boathouse in Delfino Plaza (the portal to Ricco Harbour). By going inside, you can meet a family of raccoons who sell Shine Sprites for Blue Coins.

Here you can hand over Blue Coins in increments of ten in exchange for Shines. Through collecting all the Blue Coins you can earn up to 24 of Super Mario Sunshine’s 120 Shine Sprites.

Bear in mind that you’ll also be able to get Shines by collecting gold coins – collect 100 gold coins in a level, and you’ll be awarded a bonus Shine Sprite.

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